Monday, October 22, 2007

Cleveland Does Not Rock Tonight

I'm imagining Cleveland fans feel much like I did in 2003 - disheartened, angry, confused, stunned, and just generally not sure that it's really all over. After Aaron Boone hit that Tim Wakefield pitch into the left field seats at Yankee Stadium, I sat on my couch, crushed. Unable to move. I stared blankly at the television, then went to bed, then woke up ... and moved right back to the couch, where I sat nearly catatonic until evening rolled around.

It all feels very unfair and unjust and wrong.

From 2004 and now, in 2007, I can tell you it feels very much right when you're on the other side.

An enjoyable series. Can't believe the Sox are back in the World Series. They'd only been once in my memory pre-2004 and now they've been there twice in four years.

Here's the final Useless Countdown update for the all-time LCS records:

Red signifies a failure to pass Jeter or Bernie. Blue signifies moving into a tie. Green signifies a pass achieved in this series. Parenthetical indicates the stats accumulated in Game 6.

1st place all-time: Bernie Williams, 31
2nd all-time: Derek Jeter, 25
Kenny Lofton, 24 (0)
Manny Ramirez, 21 (0)

1st place all-time: Bernie Williams, 52
Manny Ramirez, 46 (1)
Kenny Lofton, 45 (1)
Derek Jeter, 4

1st place all-time: Bernie Williams, 89
Manny Ramierez, 81 (1)
Derek Jeter, 68

1st place all-time: Manny Ramirez, 10 (0)
2nd place all-time: Bernie Williams, 9

1st place all-time: Bernie Williams, 33
Manny, 23 (1)
Derek Jeter, 20
Lofton, 15 (0)

2nd place all-time: Bernie Williams, 25 & Manny Ramirez, 25 (1)
Derek Jeter, 20
Kenny Lofton, 14 (0)

Kenny Lofton, 34 (1)
Bernie Williams, 33
Derek Jeter, 31 & Manny Ramirez, 31 (1)

1st place all-time: Bernie Williams, 19
3rd place all-time: Manny Ramirez, 15 (0)
Derek Jeter, 13
Kenny Lofton, 11 (0)

1st place all-time: Bernie Williams, 78
Manny Ramirez, 70 (2)
Derek Jeter, 64
Kenny Lofton, 60 (1)


Tommbert said...

Huzzah! A lovely night all around...

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